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Applying a Diversity Lens to End of Life Care.

This webinar unpacks culturally diverse perspectives on end of life care and approaches to death and dying amongst diverse communities. It features case studies from the PICAC Alliance with perspectives from peak bodies exploring the confluence between cultural sensitivity and end of life care.

Presented by:

  • The PICAC Alliance
  • Helen Woodbridge, Clinical Nurse Educator for the PEPA (Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach), Tasmanian Health Service
  • Nora Fernandes, Community Engagement Manager, Palliative Care Vic

Further Resources

You can download “Diverse perspectives on End of Life Care” presentation by Agnieszka Chudecka here.

You can download “Recommended Resources” presentation by Agnieszka Chudecka here.

You can download “Multicultural Perspectives” on End of Life Care” presentation by Selen Akinci here.

You can download the PPT presentation for Nora Fernandes here.

You can download the PPT presentation for Helen Woodbridge here.

2022-23 Diversity Webinar Series

(July 2022 – June 2023) Scan the QR Code below to access the website.

2022 Diversity Webinar Series

The Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing has created a free webinar series: 2022 Diversity Webinar Series.

This series aims to engage staff working within the aged care sector in Australia with skills and knowledge to work effectively with diverse older people, their families, carers and advocates. It involves a range of topics relevant to culturally safe and inclusive practice, and is designed in response to topics requested from staff working in the aged care sector in Australia.

Access the full 2022 Diversity Webinar Series by clicking here.

The latest webinar from this series focuses on: Applying a Diversity Lens to End of Life Care This webinar aims to equip staff & leaders working in aged care with knowledge & skills to meet the needs of consumers from CALD backgrounds.

Access the latest webinar by clicking here.

Learning from CALD clients about cultural safety and cultural intelligence

Our presentation will show how theory informs our practice and, in return, how what we learn from CHSP service users – older people participating in our CHSP Social Group Support activities – comes back to the aged and community care sector workforce during the CHSP Sector Development workshops and training sessions.  Through our funding, we are lucky enough to combine our CHSP and PICAC expertise: we can tailor our offer based on ongoing circles of feedback from diverse stakeholders and most up-to-date communiques from funding bodies and peak organisations – Agnieszka Chudecka

Accessing Culturally Appropriate Resources for your Consumers Webinar

This webinar aims to provide staff working in the aged care sector with knowledge of how to access culturally appropriate resources to support their consumers. It will be delivered by the Partners in Culturally Appropriate Care (PICAC) program and will cover tips to access multilingual information and culturally appropriate information for each State/Territory.

CALDWays 2020: Diversity and Inclusion – Keeping it Real (Real Issues, Practical Solutions)- PICAC Panel

The panel will provide practical strategies for service providers to be inclusive in their approach and service delivery.